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Why I am an ex IOV member.

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For well over 15 years I had resisted joining this organisation and given that since 1983, when from humble beginnings, I first started my business and had progressed to directing multi-camera shoots at West End theatres and making TV Commercials, I considered I had done “OK” without them for all this time. However, in October 2008,  encouraged by an award winning colleague from north of the border, I finally succumbed and joined the IOV, the Institute of Videography.

Within a month I was asked to work with a multi-camera crew for a live event job and also submitted work for evaluation, which resulted in being awarded Master Membership status in December 2008. At the time there were over 1500 members.

Sadly, by 2012 the organisation was very much in decline and made a catastrophic executive decision in appointing two people, with no industry experience, to run the organisation. As I and others predicted, their industry naivety, merely ran it further into the ground at breakneck speed. Sponsorships were lost and within 12 months the organisation was being run by a new executive who, bizarrely, rewarded those responsible for the earlier debacle with Hon (Life) Membership.

Against a difficult background with an ever decreasing membership, in September 2016 I decided I would join the swelling ranks of “ex IOV members”. The organisation, having next to no industry credibility, little purpose, no real income and with no worthwhile member benefits, held zero appeal. Local meetings were non-existent, (partly due to member apathy) and the quality of technical discussion on the forum sometimes verged on the basic. Too many good people had left.  At the last count, I believe the IOV membership was approaching 400, including retired, honorary, part-timers and hobbyists. During my time with the IOV, I received one award and countless work referrals. Alas now, the IOV is on life support and the prognosis is not good.

The irony is never lost that I often work with industry professionals with 20+ years experience working with major broadcasters including BBC, ITV, C4, Sky etc, most of whom have never heard of the IOV, let alone been members.

To all my colleagues both existing and ex members I send my best wishes.

To my clients and potential clients, it’s business as usual.

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