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The DSVP Blog


Looking back at the Yellow Pages.

At the beginning of the month the demise of the Yellow Pages directory was announced. It was around 1989 I first advertised in the Yellow Pages and it was to be a love-hate relationship that lasted until 2012. By then it had outlived it’s usefulness as the internet had taken over. Back in the day … Continue reading


It was 20 years ago today…

Around 20 years ago I took delivery of my first computer based editing system. It was the heyday of the Spice Girls, but you cant win ‘em all. It was also the days of dial up internet and 3½-inch floppy discs. For the initiated, I opted for DPS Perception hardware, running on Windows NT4 with … Continue reading


What goes down the talkback should stay down the talkback…or not.

Talkback is the system used on larger productions so that all of the crew are in contact via a Headset, mainly with the director. Now in an ideal world, it would be strictly business and mostly that is the case but not always…and that’s before the indiscretions. I will share a few that are publishable … Continue reading


The problems of “Quotations”

This blog is based on an article I wrote on Linkedin in June 2017. Just to be clear, this is not about Shakespeare, Churchill, Red Adair, Tony Blair et al. It’s the email that says “can you give me a quotation?” The quotation that does spring to mind is “How long is a piece of … Continue reading


The DSVP Showreel

At the beginning of the month I previewed my latest DSVP showreel, as part of a presentation at a business networking event.   The main content of the new DSVP showreel contains 12 diverse clips: Hot Salsa Nights – Spirit Productions – filmed multi-camera at the Salle des Etoille in Monte Carlo, with all post … Continue reading

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