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The DSVP Blog


The DSVP Showreel

At the beginning of the month I previewed my latest DSVP showreel, as part of a presentation at a business networking event.   The main content of the new DSVP showreel contains 12 diverse clips: Hot Salsa Nights – Spirit Productions – filmed multi-camera at the Salle des Etoille in Monte Carlo, with all post … Continue reading


The anatomy of a TV ad?

When a TV ad comes on screen, do you rush off to make a cuppa, reach for the remote control or do you ever wonder about the vigorous compliance process that goes on before the ad gets to air? You don’t; full marks you have a life. That said the process is quite interesting. As … Continue reading


Why I am an ex IOV member.

EX  For well over 15 years I had resisted joining this organisation and given that since 1983, when from humble beginnings, I first started my business and had progressed to directing multi-camera shoots at West End theatres and making TV Commercials, I considered I had done “OK” without them for all this time. However, in October … Continue reading


My friend Bob.

In early April 2015, 250 people packed into Southend Crematorium to say goodbye to one of the nicest guys in the industry, Bob Frost of Spa Films. In the heyday of VHS, Bob had the largest duplication facility in Essex. With a push of one button, a bank of JVC professional Duplicators and Triplicators would whirr … Continue reading


How times have changed…or have they?

The end of last week was  spent transferring (Telecine) a large archive of 16mm film to both file and DVD. A quick calculation revealed there was around 2 MILES of film in total. Fortunately for the client I didn’t stretch it out from here to Tesco to check that! The films belong to the London … Continue reading

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