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Superbia Automotive

Superbia Automotive boss, Andy Herbert, approached networking colleague Robin Bailey from Capricorn Media, to ask if we could make a web promo for him. Robin met with him to discuss their requirements. As we both knew that Superbia have a good reputation for customer service, Robin suggested several vox pop type endorsements. There were many customers contacted who were willing to appear so it  was down to who was available and when. The irony was not lost when a customer turned up during filming, who had been recommended to Andy and all but briefly even made the final edit!

For the opening shots I was able to utilise our new 30ft camera track to get the run across the forecourt, with it’s line of prestige cars.



A preliminary edit was produced, amendments made in conjunction with the client and then I recorded the final voice-over by ex BBC presenter, Robin Bailey. Separate versions with slight variations to the end frame were made for both the website and social media.